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A selection of food from The Avenue Delicatessen

Our food at The Avenue Delicatessen is made from scratch with love in Lansdowne. We make everything ourselves using all natural and local ingredients whenever possible.

Call us anytime at 610-622-DELI or click here for today’s specials and see what entrees, desserts, snacks, jams, pickles and more we currently have. Click here for a downloadable menu.

* All prices include sales tax

Soups | Snacks | Salads
Housemade Desserts
Sides & Beverages
indicates our signature items

available until 3 pm
add scrapple, turkey bacon, or veggie sausage for 2.5
add pancetta, pork sausage, or bacon for 3.5

Eggs How You Like ‘Em
2 all natural and local eggs served with potato latkes and toast 6
3 egg whites, toast, 2 potato latkes 7

* add provolone, cheddar, fresh mozz, reg mozz, or swiss +1
* substitute bagel for toast +1
* request this as a breakfast sandwich with latkes on the side!

The Amazing Egg Sandwich
fried eggs, broccoli rabe, pork OR veggie sausage, pickled fresno chili cream cheese, mozzarella on a seeded Italian loaf with a side salad 11

Omelette of the Day
ask your server or check the specials board
with your choice of toast 10

Challah French Toast
thick cut challah with house made jam or real maple syrup
two huge slices 10
one huge slice 6

Buttermilk Pancakes
large fluffy pancakes with butter and real maple syurp
tall stack 7.5
short stack 5.5
mouse pancake (for kids) 4

Corned Beef Hash
house cured corned beef, russet and sweet potatoes, onion, red pepper, roasted jalapeno topped with 2 poached eggs 10
gluten free

House Smoked Trout Salad
local PA smoked trout salad, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, red onion, chives
on a bagel of your choice 8.5
platter portion 13.5

all day
all sandwiches come with our hand cut fries
substitute side salad +1.25, substitute cup of soup +2.5

House Cured Corned Beef on thick cut rye
Purist: grainy mustard and that’s it: single 13 / double 21
Special: coleslaw and russian dressing: single 14 / double 22
Reuben: sauerkraut, swiss, russian dressing: single 15 / double 23

House Smoked Turkey on thick cut rye
Special: coleslaw and russian dressing: single 11 / double 16.5
Reuben: sauerkraut, swiss, russian dressing: single 12.5 / double 18
Classic: lettuce, tomato, mayo, bacon: single 13 / double 18.5

House Smoked Pastrami Tofu on thick cut rye
Special: coleslaw and russian dressing 11
Reuben: sauerkraut, swiss, russian dressing 12

Americana Burger on a round bun
beef patty, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, bread & butter pickles, special sauce 10
* add bacon or pancetta +2

South Philly Chicken Cutlet on seeded italian roll
broccoli rabe, oven dried tomato pesto, fresh mozz 11.5

Lemon Dill Tuna Melt on thick cut rye
lemon dill tuna salad, tomato, and melted mozz served open faced 11

Chickpea and Spinach Fritter Pita
shredded romaine, cucumber, red onion, carrot and harissa yogurt sauce 11

The Avenue BLT on your choice of toasted bread
bacon or turkey bacon, butter lettuce, and tomato with house made mayonnaise 8

Pesto Chicken Salad on your choice of bread or wrap
with butter lettuce and tomato (includes pine nuts) 9

Lemon Dill Tuna Salad on your choice of bread or wrap
with butter lettuce and tomato 9

Herbed Egg Salad on your choice of bread or wrap
with butter lettuce and tomato 8

* salads also available by the pound in our deli case!


Jewish Wedding Soup
veal meatballs, matzah balls, chicken, escarole in house made chicken broth
cup 3.25
bowl 6.5

Creamy Tomato Soup
with rye croutons and chives
cup 3.25
bowl 6.5


Reuben Arancini
deep fried risotto balls stuffed with our house corned beef, sauerkraut and
swiss dressed with russian dressing 5.5

Reuben Fries
hand cut french fries covered in corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and russian dressing 10
gluten free

Pizza Bagel
plain bagel, house tomato sauce, mozz 4
for kids

add grilled chicken +3.5 / add pastrami tofu +2.5

Kale Caesar Salad
lacinato kale, romaine, crispy pancetta, rye croutons, chives, hard boiled egg, black pepper parmigiano dressing 10.5

Roasted Root Vegetable Quinoa Salad
roasted carrots and parsnips, wilted kale, almonds, scallion, orange maple dijon vinaigrette 11
vegetarian and gluten free

available 4 pm to 9 pm
add cup of soup or side salad for 2.25

Our entrees change frequently so please ask your server, check the specials board, or call ahead (610-622-3354) to see what’s fresh and amazing!


Kids Pasta
fresh Severino pasta with house tomato gravy, or butter and parmigiano 6


Check the specials board or call ahead (610-622-3354) for delicious desserts made entirely in house!


hand cut fries 3/1.5
potato latke 2.5
side salad with house vinaigrette 2.75
toast 1.25
toasted bagel 1.5 – add jam or chive cream cheese +1
side of sour cream, house apple sauce, or house jam 1
hot dog 3.5 (for kids)
coleslaw 3
pickles 2.5
broccoli rabe 3

coffee 2
iced coffee 3 (only when it’s warm)
tea 1.75
iced tea 2.5
milk 1.25/2
apple juice 2/3
coke, diet coke, sprite 1.5
fresh squeezed orange juice 2.5/4.5
dr. brown’s cream soda, black cherry, diet black cherry, cel-ray 2
blue sky ginger ale 2.5
san pellegrino aranciata, limonata, mineral water 3